Stephenson Properties
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About Stephenson Properties

     Vanessa and Jesse Stephenson are the owners of Stephenson Properties.

     Together we have over 8 years of experience in real estate sales and property management.  We enjoy working in real estate because it is an exciting field where every day brings new challenges with each unique piece of property that is considered. Although properties are what the transactions are based on, this is really a people business. We get to form relationships with many different people from all walks of life and help them accomplish their goals in investing in real estate. 

     Our goal at Stephenson Properties is to form lasting relationships with Investors and Residents in order to provide maximum income to investors with protection of their asset's value and a quality living environment to our residents. We will only take on high quality properties that we feel will attract high quality residents. By focusing on quality properties over quantity; we at Stephenson Properties feel we can provide the best service for our clients. When people ask "where can I find for a great rental home?" we want Stephenson Properties to be the obvious answer.

      If you need a great resident and a company to act as guardian to one of your largest investments please contact us here. We look forward to creating a winning relationship with you.

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